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About Us

TCMM is a coalition of men's leaders and pastors from churches in the greater Tri-Cities, WA area.  Our main focus is to help the churches in our area develop effective men's ministries.

TCMM History

Tri-Cities Men's Ministry was started in the spring of 2004 in the interest of learning and sharing how God was working among the men's ministries in churches of the greater Tri-Cities area.

As leaders met and built relationships, they quickly learned that their combined efforts could be more effective for God's kingdom than each of them working individually.

With that goal in mind, TCMM set out to host an Iron Sharpens Iron National Men's Conference.  Over 750 men attended and it was considered a huge success.  Iron Sharpens Iron has since become an annual event.

TCMM has expanded to conducting its own men's ministry workshops and hosting conferences for area pastors and church leadership.

TCMM Membership

TCMM membership and the use of its resources is free.  Due to the fact that personal contact information is posted, TCMM members are given access to a password protected members area.  The members area provides local information and resources beneficial to developing and running an effective men's ministry.  To request membership, send us an email on the Contact Us page.

TCMM Meetings

Tri-Cities area men's leaders and representatives gather together once a quarter to encourage each other and talk about what's going on in our churches in the area of ministry to men.

TCMM - 501(c)3

In 2010 TCMM applied to become a fiscally sponsored organization with Three Rivers Community Foundation.  Upon acceptance, TCMM obtained 501(c)3 status.

Donations to TCMM are tax deductible.

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